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Welcome the Enchanting with Spring Seasonal Set, Enjoy Quality Ingredients Imported from Japan


Spring is the season of a beginning, a starting point for another next step of one’s life. Kitaohji Bangkok, as the Japanese restaurant with more than 90 years of history and experience in Kaiseki courses, reiterates the tradition and values in Japanese traditional cuisines by humbly presenting to every esteemed guest our “Spring” Seasonal Set.

The “Spring” Seasonal Set, as the name suggests, consisted of exquisite menus created and prepared in the authentic Japanese style of premium dining courses, which represents the coming of comfortable warmth of a new season, the time for new buds to sprout and people taking a step into their new chapter of life.

Experience the New “Spring” Breeze with Kitaohji Bangkok’s Seasonal Set

To ensure that our prepared menus are of the highest quality and true to the authentic recipes, Kitaohji Bangkok has always carefully selected and imported our ingredients from our trusted providers in Japan. In this way, while enjoying our meals at Kitaohji Bangkok, you would experience the change of season and the coming of Spring in all of its magnificent and glory. With seasonal ingredients come exquisite and seasonal exclusive menus, Kitaohji Bangkok would like to invite every guest to explore and experience the unending wonderment of authentic Japanese cuisine in their prime.

The Recommended Spring Seasonal Menus at Kitaohji Bangkok

In this session, we will take a look at spectacular menus which we would like to recommend for every enjoyer of great food to experience.

Sakura Dai Hot Pot

Red Sea Bream, which is named in Japanese as Madai or Tai, is one of the acclaimed seasonal delicacies that is traditionally used as the main ingredients for spring seasonal menus in Japanese cuisine tradition. The coloration of red on the fish’s skin, which could be caught wild only in spring and autumn, for the two seasons are the times of the year that red sea breams would migrate to the shallow area near the shore. The Madai that was caught in spring would be named ‘Sakura Dai’ signaling the blooming of spring by invoking the universal imagery of sakura, the cherry blossom red sea bream.

Cherry Blossom Red Sea Bream or Sakura Dai then often was served raw or slightly processed, usually in the context of celebratory events to welcome spring every year. This popularity and difficulty-to-sourcing made Sakura Dai fetch high prices in markets. Kitaohji Bangkok brought to Bangkok this tradition of seasonal celebration in the “Spring” Seasonal Menu of “Sakura Dai Hot Pot’.

“Sakura Dai Hot Pot” is the seasonal menu in which Sakura Dai (or Cherry Blossom Red Sea Breams) are prepared by meticulously sliced and served together with Kitaohji Bangkok’s special hot soup. Sakura Dai are known for their firmness in texture for they built their muscles naturally while swimming in the notoriously strong currents of the Inland Seto Sea, where they were caught. The practice of having a hot pot menu with the special kind of fish, therefore, would bring out the exceptional soft and firm texture of Sakura Dai, while accentuating the refreshing taste of the fish.

Takenoko & Kobe beef sukiyaki with Bochankabocha

Experience the premium quality Kobe beef, served with Japanese bamboo shoot or Takenoko in the sukiyaki, or Japanese traditional hot pot, and Bochankabocha, a Japanese palm sized pumpkin. Apart from the alluring appearance with its exotic flair, you could savor the savory flavor of the Kobe beef which is accentuated by the ingredients of the soup, Kitaohji Bangkok’s special recipe. The Bochankabocha is served as the source of sweetness and refreshing taste, reminding you how the time of spring has come.

Kitaohji Bangkok has much more in our Spring Seasonal Menus ready for your selection. With exceptional quality ingredients and authentic traditional preparation and cooking, you could enjoy the blooming season with all these dishes at your leisure.

● Kobe Beef

● Uni Box Set

● Hotaru Ika Firefly Squid

● Sakura Shrimp Donabe Gohan

● Karei Usuzukuri

● Hokkaido Kinki Yaki

● Shizuoka Crown Melon

● 3 Kinds of Japanese Strawberries

● Strawberries Daifuku

Reservation for Your Celebratory Occasions at Kitaohji Bangkok

Experience authentic traditional Japanese cuisine in the premium quality and enjoy the gentle breeze of spring at Kitaohji Bangkok. Whether it is a beginning of your next step or a celebration for joyous occasions, we would like to invite every guest to experience them with our exquisite dishes. Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, 212 Thonglor Soi 8, Sukhumvit Soi 55, Wattana, Bangkok, is open on Monday - Sunday, at 11:30 - 23:00 (last order 22.00). ​For your reservation, Tel. 02-714-7997, 061-387-3207.



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