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Discover the Delights of Kitaohji Restaurant in Thailand

At Kitaohji Thailand, we invite all food enthusiasts to indulge in our Special Menus featuring seasonal ingredients imported from Japan. Join us on a culinary journey and experience the best of premium Japanese cuisine at our esteemed restaurant. Each dish is carefully prepared using fresh and selectively imported seasonal ingredients from Japan, ensuring a delightful and adventurous dining experience.

Embrace the Seasons Through Exquisite Japanese Cuisine

Throughout the year, Kitaohji Thailand presents seasonal Japanese cuisine meticulously prepared by our expert chef, who possesses traditional skills and a passionate spirit. Our culinary creations showcase the finest selection of seasonal ingredients, beautifully capturing the essence of each season on every plate. Allow yourself to feel the ebb and flow of the seasons and feast your eyes, as well as your palate, in an atmosphere that transports you from the demands of daily life.

Welcome the Enchanting Spring with the "Spring Seasonal Set" at Kitaohji Thailand

Spring signifies new beginnings and the start of a new chapter in one's life. Kitaohji Thailand, a renowned Japanese restaurant with over 90 years of experience in Kaiseki courses, embraces the traditions and values of Japanese cuisine by proudly presenting our "Spring Seasonal Set" to our esteemed guests.

The "Spring Seasonal Set" consists of exquisite menus meticulously crafted and prepared in the authentic Japanese style of premium dining courses. It represents the arrival of the warm and comfortable season, where new buds sprout, and individuals embark on new journeys in their lives. Experience the refreshing breeze of spring with Kitaohji Thailand's Seasonal Set.

Recommended Spring Seasonal Menus at Kitaohji Thailand

To ensure the highest quality and authenticity, Kitaohji Thailand carefully selects and imports ingredients from trusted providers in Japan. By doing so, guests can truly immerse themselves in the changing seasons and the magnificence of spring. With seasonal ingredients, we invite every guest to explore and indulge in the wonders of authentic Japanese cuisine at its finest.

Sakura Dai Hot Pot

Sakura Dai, also known as Red Sea Bream, is a renowned seasonal delicacy traditionally used in spring menus. The vibrant red color on the fish's skin symbolizes the blooming of spring, reminiscent of cherry blossoms. At Kitaohji Thailand, our "Sakura Dai Hot Pot" features meticulously sliced Sakura Dai served with our special hot soup, showcasing the fish's firm texture and refreshing taste.

Takenoko & Kobe Beef Sukiyaki with Bochan Kabocha

Indulge in the premium quality of Kobe beef, accompanied by Japanese bamboo shoots (Takenoko) in a traditional sukiyaki hot pot. Served alongside is Bochan Kabocha, a Japanese palm-sized pumpkin, adding a touch of sweetness and refreshing flavor to the dish. Our special recipe enhances the savory taste of the Kobe beef, truly capturing the essence of spring.

Sakura Shrimp

Sakura Shrimp, aptly named for its delicate coloring reminiscent of the renowned cherry blossoms ('Sakura') that grace the world with their pastel pink petals every spring. These enchanting shrimp are harvested in Suruga Bay, Shizuoka Prefecture, during the same season. The vibrant hue of Sakura Shrimp has earned them the moniker of 'sea jewelry,' a testament to their sought-after status.

The meticulous preparation of Sakura Shrimp involves several steps before they are ready for export. Sun-drying enhances their aroma, flavor, and savory qualities, elevating their taste to unparalleled heights. At Kitaohji Thailand, the esteemed Japanese restaurant, Sakura Shrimp takes center stage in a special menu. Expertly cooked in a specially prepared broth and served with rice, it accentuates the shrimp's enticing aroma and natural sweetness, complementing an array of seasonal dishes.

At Kitaohji Thailand, we offer a wide selection of Spring Seasonal Menus, prepared with exceptional quality ingredients and authentic traditional cooking techniques. Delight in the blooming season as you savor these exquisite dishes at your leisure.

● Kobe Beef

● Uni Box Set

● Hotaru Ika Firefly Squid

● Sakura Shrimp Donabe Gohan

● Karei Usuzukuri

● Hokkaido Kinki Yaki

● Shizuoka Crown Melon

● 3 Kinds of Japanese Strawberries

● Strawberries Daifuku

Make Your Reservation for Celebratory Occasions at Kitaohji Thailand

Experience the authentic taste of traditional Japanese cuisine in its finest form and enjoy the gentle breeze of spring at Kitaohji Thailand. Whether it's the beginning of a new chapter in your life or a celebration of joyous occasions, we invite every guest to create unforgettable memories with our exquisite dishes.

● Kitaohji, The Japanese restaurant in Bangkok Google map

● Open Daily: Monday - Sunday at 11:30 AM - 11:00 PM (last order 10:00 PM)

● Tel: 02-714-7997, 061-387-3207



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