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The Best Premium Japanese Restaurant in the Heart of Bangkok

One of the most delicate and elaborate serving dishes in the Japanese tradition of high cuisine, Kaiseki (懐石), is now available for devotees of great taste to experience, even when you’re in the midst of Bangkok’s one of the busiest areas. Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, the renowned name of a premium Japanese restaurant that always strives for no less than perfection of authentic Japanese cuisine, is now open at Thonglor Soi 8, Sukhumvit Soi 55.

One of the important anecdotes is that Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok is the heir to the authentic traditional premium Japanese restaurant that was founded in Tokyo more than ninety years ago. From generation to generation, the craftsmanship of delectable servings has been kept cultivated and polished, all in the highly refined and demanding tradition and culture of Kaiseki.

Finely and meticulously selected seasonal ingredients and dishes, together with traditional Japanese styles of composition and juxtaposition, masterly preparing and serving by chef masters, and last but not least, splendid yet serene decorated interior and environment which reflected how highly tradition is preserved, all of these makes Kaiseki the alluring and reliable name among those that could call themselves adventurers of tastes. With this legacy and reputation, Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, as the premium Japanese restaurant, intends to present the high standard hospitality and provide long lasting memorable experiences for visitors.

As a well-known matter of fact, food culture always reflects a myriad of cultures, ways of life people live by. So, it could be said that one of the most prominent features of Kaiseki, and Japanese cuisine in general, is the change of seasons. Time brings great changes in many respects, and Japanese people clearly understand, adapt, and appreciate those changes for what they are, and that trait has been apparently reflected in Japanese cuisine since time immemorial.

This is the reason why Kaiseki by Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, as a premium Japanese restaurant in the authentic Japanese cuisine tradition, always serve, with carefully and meticulously selected by masters of Japanese cooking, seasonal ingredients sourced from their own authentic origins and imported by airborne means to ensure ingredients’ freshness and delicate tastes. Especially for sashimi, sushi and Omakase menus which, one might say, are one of the most renowned dishes in Japanese cuisine, the requirement for fresh ingredients couldn’t be greater. Timely selected and transported, the sashimi and sushi served at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok are guaranteed to deliver.

Carefully selected seasonal ingredients and delicacies might suffice for savory meals, but at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, the dedication to perfection still weighs on, and that could be apparent as moonlight in a pond at night with delicate and refined composition of each dish served at this premium Japanese restaurant. It is one of the distinctive features of Kaiseki tradition, the beautiful and refined appearance of serving dishes, that Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok has dedicatedly adhered to and pursued unceasingly since its origin, like all of its forerunners.

The result of perseverance for great taste and beauty has cultivated into premium Japanese traditional meals that are both mouthwatering and splendidly pleasing to every eye. Among these delightful and delectable presentations, you will find one universal unmistakable trait, that is, the harmony of subtlety and grandeur. With utmost attention to details and compositions, each dish served at this premium Japanese restaurant is nothing less than wonderment while at the same time gently humble. One may say that they are both grand and pleasant, or graceful and gracious, which is a considerably arduous quality for restaurants to acquire in their cooking and preparing.

With all things considered, these respective features of Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok share one universal trait. That is to say, dining as an experience and entertainment. As a premium Japanese restaurant, Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok has always dedicated to provide exquisite Japanese cuisine and experience, touching and entertaining both palettes and eyes, immersive for all of senses. Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, 212 Thonglor Soi 8, Sukhumvit Soi 55, Wattana, Bangkok, is open on Monday - Sunday, at 11:30 - 23:00 (last order 22.00). ​For your reservation, Tel. 02-714-7997 / 061-387-3207.



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