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Experience the Authentic Kaiseki Cuisine at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok

The word ‘Kaiseki’ might bring to mind, especially for those who are interested in fine dining or food culture in general, the luxurious set sequence of exquisite courses, made in traditional Japanese cuisine style from various seasonal ingredients, all of which were carefully selected and prepared.

Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, as the premium and authentic Japanese traditional cuisine restaurant founded with dedication to provide a memorable Kaiseki experience to all visitors, is the place you could go to for pleasant memories. Kaiseki usually is for special occasions and celebratory events, and we will see what makes this style of courses special and one of a kind in the next part.

Kaiseki is a set sequence of fine dining courses, divided by type and style of serving dishes. Each dish serves for different purposes and shares some mutual traits. At Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, every Kaiseki is guaranteed by the chef's delicately selected seasonal ingredients from Japan. For the current purpose, let’s have a look at the menu Kitaohji Omakase Kaiseki, and how the list goes.

1. Seasonal Appetizer (季節の前菜)

The opening course comes with a mouthwatering highlight of a season. Considered to be in the same style as amuse-bouche, in the Seasonal Appetizer at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, you will be served with a seasonal delicacy freshly imported and masterly cooked to stir your craving.

2. Sashimi 4 Kinds (旬魚のお造り 4 点盛り)

With this dish, four kinds of fish are authentic sourced, carefully selected, and masterly prepared to entertain your palette. You may notice that the dish served is one of the fattiest cuts of the seasonal fish which is considered a delicacy.

3. Small meal (凌ぎ)

In this dish, purposefully served to retain your appetite, for there are many more splendid dishes to come. In the Small meal, you certainly will be served with elaborately decorated fine dish that is one of Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok’s signatures.

4. Snow Crab Shabu Shabu (ズワイ蟹のしゃぶしゃぶ)

One of the acclaimed menus of the restaurant, Snow Crab Shabu Shabu at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok is the exquisite dish that takes you to the domain of Japanese traditional cuisine like you’ve never been before. With the signature soup, which is prepared for six hours, combined in servings, you will experience flavorful tastes as intended from the Snow Crab.

5. Seasonal Dish (強肴)

In this Seasonal Dish by Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, the dish is prepared with utmost care to every aspect, from taste to presentation. You will find yourself infatuated with the chef’s finishing touch which might be considered a work of art.

6. Grilled Taraba King Crab and Nodoguro (タラバ蟹焼き、ノドグロ焼き)

Taraba King Crab is one of the famous Japanese delicacies. Nodoguro or blackthroat seaperch is considered the king of whitefish with its rich and tender texture. These two delicacies are prepared and grilled in the unique style of Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, and that results in the savoring grilled dish served in the traditional fashion of authentic Japanese cuisine.

7. Roasted Dish (鉢肴)

The Roasted Dish is prepared with selected seasonal ingredients to sooth the palette after a flavorful main dish while preserving the seasonal mood and tone of the dining.

8. Chef’s Recommendation Dish (進肴)

In this dish, the chef’s selection of delicacies and fine culinary prowess is readied for your appreciation. Let the recommendation dish act as the opening door to your next unseen wonder of Japanese cuisine.

9. Cold Inaniwa Udon (冷やし稲庭うどん)

Inaniwa Udon is a delicacy from Akita prefecture with a history that dates back for more than 350 years. The distinct texture and flavor make the udon an acclaimed gourmet food in Japan. With Cold Inaniwa Udon, please enjoy refreshing taste at ease to complement your Kaiseki experience at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok.

10. Dessert (水菓子)

In conclusion to the delightful sequences of dishes, nothing suits more for this occasion than the delightful dessert with high quality seasonal fruits. Let the dessert bring a calming breeze and prepare you for the closure of the Kaiseki experience.

Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, 212 Thonglor Soi 8, Sukhumvit Soi 55, Wattana, Bangkok, is open on Monday - Sunday, at 11:30 - 23:00 (last order 22.00). ​For your reservation, Tel. 02-714-7997 / 061-387-3207.



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