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Discover the Art of Japanese Culinary Perfection at Kitaohji Restaurant

Cooking is a craft, and we at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok could state further that fine cooking could be perceived as an art form. It is generally known that Japanese cuisine is one of the globally acclaimed cuisines which has enchanted and delighted food lovers regardless of where they are. We might reflect briefly for a moment how this specific tradition of cooking from the far east became one of the most celebrated cuisines and could be regarded as art in itself around the world.

To Prepare The Foods as Art by Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok

To become a work of art, great care has to be taken from the inception of the menus until the finishing touch is made. Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok has been practicing the craftsmanship of premium Japanese traditional cuisine for more than ninety years.

The ‘Kaiseki’ or set course in Japanese tradition of fine dining that Kitaohji served our guests is highly regarded as the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine. To prepare our menus, Kitaohji Ginza places great importance on using fresh and seasonal ingredients, ensuring that dishes are made with the highest quality produce available. This focus on freshness results in vibrant flavors and visually appealing presentations.

Crafting art works in the form of exquisite dishes is inseparable from creating the fine presentation of serving dishes. Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, as the long-standing Japanese restaurant with expertise on traditional Japanese cuisine, always prepares our menus with meticulous arrangement of ingredients and attention to detail in plating, comparable to crafting finest art pieces. As in the belief that is integrated in Japanese culinary culture, pleasing the eyes go together with satiating the palates with our serving dishes.

How Cooking Became Art: the Japanese Way of Culinary by Kitaohji

With that said, it may appear that if we attempt to create menus as we wish it to be an artwork, the said menu will become embellished with too many components to be served as fine meals. And from this we come to the unique aspect of Japanese cuisine, which subtly influences the creation of food in the tradition; the minimalism tendency in plating and presentation.

By brilliantly juxtaposing the ingredients and mindfully thinking about how to let diners experience their meals in the finest quality, practitioners in Japanese cuisine tend to create elegant looking meals with subtle beauty and meticulousness. Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, as the traditional Japanese restaurant, always adheres to the tradition and presents high quality Japanese cuisine to our guests in Bangkok. In the next section, we would like to present our recommended menus as an invitation for everyone to experience Japanese culinary art at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok.

The Art of Japanese Cuisine at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok: An Invitation

Taraba King Crab

The famous delicacy from the one and the only Hokkaido from Japan, Taraba King Crab is highly regarded for its succulent and flavorful meat, making it a prized delicacy in Japanese cuisine. Its legs are particularly meaty and are often steamed or boiled and served with dipping sauces. The sweet and tender flesh of the crab is highly valued by seafood enthusiasts. At Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, our guests will experience this world renowned delicacy at their leisure, whether by grilled serves or Shabu Shabu.

With the great care Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok gives to preparing stage of our menus, we strictly and selectively import Taraba King Crab from the finest providers from Hokkaido, with whom and whose experience in their crafts come to Bangkok the fresh and highly delectable Taraba King Crab from one of the most bountiful seas of Japan.

Kobe Beef Sirloin

We have talked about the art of Japanese cuisine that was for a greater part made by the hands of culinary masters. Now we at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok would like to talk about beauty born with nature itself, that is, the natural beauty of Kobe Beef Sirloin.

For the world renowned Kobe Beef, their appearance is highly regarded as their delectability. The marbling, which refers to the visible flecks of fat within the meat, could be seen as the reflection of how much the beef is rich and full in flavors and textures. The buttery taste that is uniquely Kobe Beef made them one of the most sought after beef for every meat lover from around the world.

Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok understood perfectly well this decisive point that made the great Kobe Beef. We therefore always reserve qualified cows from our trusted providers six months prior and imported freshly from Japan to Bangkok.

Reservation for Your Exquisite Experience with Culinary Perfection at Kitaohji Bangkok

We at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok would like to invite you to experience the premium quality and enjoy the art of traditional Japanese cuisine. To reserve your seat, contact us at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, 212 Thonglor Soi 8, Sukhumvit Soi 55, Wattana, Bangkok

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● Open Daily: Monday - Sunday at 11:30 AM - 11:00 PM (last order 10:00 PM)

● Tel: 02-714-7997, 061-387-3207



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