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The Treat in Tenderness with A4 Black Wagyu by Kitaohji Ginza, Bangkok

For beef lovers around the world, the name ‘Wagyu’ has a special connotation and, generally,

high expectations and prices. The most sought after Wagyu beef is well known for its high level of marbling, which means it has a higher amount of intramuscular fat that gives many tasters a tender and juicy texture, as well as a unique rich flavor, arguably exclusive for this type of beef.

Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, as the traditional Japanese cuisine premium restaurant, is honored to present to our guests menus created with the special kind of premium Wagyu beef, that is the A4 Black Wagyu. The A4 rating of Wagyu beef refers to the yield and quality grade, with A4 being one of the highest grades in the Japanese beef grading system. And for A4 Black Wagyu, the beef becomes the special name for beef and food lovers around the world for its uniquely delectable texture and taste.

From Specialized Farm To Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok

As generally known, A4 Kuro Wagyu beef comes from the Japanese cattle breed, the Kuroge Washu, that have been raised under strict conditions and carefully managed diets, resulting in a product that is known for its exceptional flavor, tenderness, and quality. While at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, we put much attention into selection of the trusted and acclaimed farms and how the condition of the cattle raised to be the source of the special A4 Black Wagyu beef we need.

The Black Wagyu, or Kuro Wagyu, beef is known and acclaimed for its unique umami flavor, which is a savory taste that is often described as a "pleasantly brothy" or "meaty" flavor. The source of such delectable taste comes from the Black Wagyu’s fat, which is unique in lower melting point. For being so, the A4 Black Wagyu would melt more readily in your mouth, and the exquisite taste expands on your palette more keenly. And at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, we have prepared menus with A4 Black Wagyu beef for every guest to experience such an exquisite experience in every bite.

The Menus with A4 Black Wagyu Beef: the Samples to Soothing Taste at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok

In this part, we would like to present some of the recommended menus prepared with the premium A4 Black Wagyu beef at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, which we hope to stir your attention and your sense of adventure in taste.

A4 Black Wagyu Sirloin Steak

Served by weight 100g or 200g at your preference, A4 Black Wagyu Sirloin Steak is prepared in the way that will let you taste the exquisiteness of A4 Black Wagyu beef in its highest quality. With experienced expert chef’s touch, A4 Black Wagyu Sirloin Steak at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok is guaranteed to bring the joy of unique Black Wagyu experience to you in your adventure in taste.

Black Wagyu Grilled with Miso on Magnolia Leaves

The experience of having charcoal-grilled A4 Black Wagyu beef is certainly, as Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok believes, going to be one of the most memorable moments in your food journey. To taste the beef, with its scrumptious taste and texture from its premium quality, the melting savory sweetness, in its prime, the charcoal-grilling is certainly one of the best ways to bring that on home. In this menu, served together with the charcoal-grilled A4 Black Wagyu beef is Miso, Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok’s special, on Magnolia leaves, which accentuates the subtle tastiness in the beef itself.

Black Wagyu Shabu Shabu

Apart from having it grilled, the Black Wagyu Shabu Shabu will lead you to another side of exquisite taste of the A4 Black Wagyu Beef. In this menu, Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok wishes you to enjoy the savoriness of the beef with warm and tender broth, served with ponzu sauce and sesame sauce for your leisure. At the moment the A4 Black Wagyu Shabu Shabu touches your senses, you might find out why this is the highly sought after premium meat in the world, for it could make time run slower with its taste.

Black Wagyu Sukiyaki

The famous and, arguably, uniquely Japanese, A4 Black Wagyu Sukiyaki is served in slices together with selections of ingredients. With the A4 Black Wagyu beef slices, the taste of the beef’s fat becomes much more easily dissolved in the mixture of seasonings. Together with the texture of the beef, it will certainly become one of your memorable treats in tenderness, as we at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok hope.

Reservation for Your Treat in Tenderness at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok

Enjoy the authentic traditional Japanese style premium cooking with A4 Black Wagyu beef and many other high quality ingredients freshly imported from Japan at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, 212 Thonglor Soi 8, Sukhumvit Soi 55, Wattana, Bangkok, is open on Monday - Sunday, at 11:30 - 23:00 (last order 22.00). ​For your reservation, Tel. 02-714-7997, 061-387-3207.



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