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Enjoy the Deliciousness of the Sea with 3 Special Menus from Premium Japanese Restaurant

Japanese cuisine has been globally acclaimed for distinct tastes, diversity and flair presentation. Innovative and ingenuine in every stage of cooking, Japanese cuisine often relies heavily on the preparation stage, the freshness of ingredients and varieties of side dishes which act as seasonings for diners to sample and mix as they like.

When it comes to high end dining experience, Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, the premium Japanese restaurant situated in Thonglor, the heart of Thailand’s metropolitan capital Bangkok, would like to invite every food lover to experience the subtle beauty of meticulously prepared menus which are undoubtedly authentic Japanese. On this occasion, we would like to highlight one aspect that Japanese cuisine is well known for, that is: premium menus from the sea of Japan.

To the Sea of Delectability: Taste the Delicacies from Japan at Kitaohji, the Premium Japanese Restaurant

As it is well known, Japanese cuisine has a reputation for its own style of seafood for many reasons. Japan is an island nation with a long history of fishing, so the country has access to a wide variety of fresh seafood.

And that Japanese cuisine also places a strong emphasis on the use of high-quality, fresh ingredients, which in turn has contributed to the high quality of Japanese seafood that food lovers from around the world are fond of.

The important factor that contributes to the exquisiteness of Japanese seafood is the extensiveness of techniques utilized in preparing food in the Japanese tradition of cooking. The wide range of technicality in Japanese cuisine has made knowledge and technical prowess from practitioners in the tradition mandatory. This is the reason why one could say that to have fine cooked Japanese food is comparable to having experienced fine craftsmanship first hand.

Special Menus with Seasonal Ingredients Imported From Japan at the Premium Japanese Restaurant

In this part, Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok would like to present special menus with seasonal ingredients freshly and selectively imported from Japan as an invitation to every food lover to visit and experience premium Japanese cuisine at our restaurant. These samplings might hopefully sooth and stir your appetite and sense of adventuring.

Sakura Shrimp Donabe Gohan

Sakura Shrimp is named so for its coloring that resembles the world famous cherry blossoms’ (or ‘Sakura’) pastel pink on their petals that shine beautifully every year in Spring. Sakura Shrimp is also caught in the same season in Suruga Bay, Shizuoka Prefecture. The coloring factor of this type of shrimp made people name them the ‘sea jewelry’, which in turn reflects how much prices it is sought after.

Sakura Shrimp that were caught have to be prepared in many steps before export, i.e. dried in the sun to increase aroma, taste and savoriness. In this special menu at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, the premium Japanese restaurant, Sakura Shrimp is cooked in the specially prepared broth with rice, accentuating its aroma and sweetness to serve with other seasonal dishes.

Hotaru Ika Firefly Squid

The world famous squid, Hotaru Ika, Firefly (‘Hotaru’) Squid (‘Ika’), was named so because of their wee size and bioluminescent light production that they emit from photophores, making them resemble the fireflies of the ocean.

Hotaru Ika are sourced mostly in Toyama Prefecture, the biggest habitat of Hotaru Ika in Japan, only in March until May every year. So it became a tradition for people to enjoy the taste of Hotaru Ika in Spring. At the premium Japanese restaurant, Kitaohji, we freshly imported Hotaru Ika from Namerikawa City in Toyama Prefecture, the famous habitat of the highest quality Hotaru Ika Firefly Squid in the prefecture.

4 Hotaru Ika Menu:

▪ Hotaru Ika Sashimi

▪ Hotaru Ika Sumiso

▪ Hotaru Ika Matsumae Yaki

▪ Hotaru Ika Sushi

Bafun Uni

Uni, or Sea Urchin, is one of the most priced delicacies from the seas, notoriously intense in harvesting, meticulous preparation and technical prowess required in cooking. Kitaohji, the premium Japanese restaurant, would like every guest to enjoy Uni in their prime with our selection of Bafun Uni, the type of Uni that is acclaimed for taste and texture.

Reservation for Your Journey To the Sea of Delectability

Experience the special menus with the seasonal delicacies from the seas of Japan at the premium Japanese restaurant, Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, to welcome your ‘Spring’ in the refreshing atmosphere. With our care and attention we give to our high quality traditional Japanese cuisine, we would like everyone to experience them at your leisure.

Reserving your seat at Kitaohji Ginza Bangkok, 212 Thonglor Soi 8, Sukhumvit Soi 55, Wattana, Bangkok, is open on Monday - Sunday, at 11:30 - 23:00 (last order 22.00). ​For your reservation, Tel. 02-714-7997, 061-387-3207.



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