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Sukhumvit Soi 39

39 Boulevard Ground Floor



 Delivery Only

We are doing our best to prevent the spread of covid -19 and to ensure that you can enjoy meals at  KITAOHJI healthy and safety.
We pray everyday the situtation in the world will be better as soon as possible.


About us

We start Delivery from 20 April

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About us

"Sushi Kappou" is a Japanese live entertainment infolding in front of you. You can enjoy both traditional Kappou cuisine and Sushi, which has been inherited in the history of Kitaohji for 90 years or more, while viewing the chefs’ professional knife and sushi skills over the counter.  

It would be memorable experience for you.



Sushi Kappou Omakase Course

Japanese word “Katsu 割” of “Kappou 割烹” refers to cutting food by knife and “Pou 烹” refers to simmering or boiling by fire.  And another tecniques such as "Nigiri 握り" is required to make Sushi.

Skilled chefs are using various traditional cooking tecniques to cook seasonal ingredients carefully selected  from Japan.

Please enjoy our chef’s Omakase course, which represents the seasons.

Omakse Course

  Omakase Course

​4,500 thb / 8,000 thb / 12,000 thb

From April 2020

5,000 thb

*Prices are not included tax and service charge

3 highlights

All Omakase courses include 3 highlight materials.

3 highlights

Yoshitomi Maguro

We only use high qualty Maguro imported from Yoshitomi which is one of the best supplier of Maguro in Toyosu market.

​Ohita Black Abalone

Black abalone simmered by original method is melty-soft and has much umami flavor.

のどぐろ (1).jpg

​Nodoguro  The King of White Fish 

Nodoguro is known as "White toro" in Japan. We use only over 500g size because large one has very rich taste.


Head Chef

Maeno has more than 35 years of experience in Japanese cuisine.

He had been trained at Sushi and Kappou restaurants in Tokyo when he was young.

Then he started his career at Kitaohji about 20 years ago. On that opportunity, he met Toshiya Funakoshi who stood on top of Kitaohji's 100 chefs, and was trained directly by him. This improved his skills and techniques of authentic Kaiseki and Sushi.


Omakase courses designed by Maeno have beautiful collaboration of Sushi and Kappo. He weaves his own story of cuisine by cooking seasonal ingredients in the way that suits best for each of them. Please enjoy the Sushi-Kappou style cuisine at Kitaohji.



- Dinner -

Open everyday

18:00 - 20:00

20:00 - 23:00
(L.O 21:30)




39 Boulevard,Ground Floor, Sukhumvit Soi 39 (Soi Phromchit) , Wattana, Bangkok.

Kitaohji Group

- Bangkok -


Kaiseki Kitaohji


212 Thonglor Soi 8, Sukhumvit 55,

Wattana, Bangkok

- Tokyo -


Kaiseki Kitaohji


There are 12 branches of Kitaohji

Ginza, Akasaka, Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shinagwa etc.

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